Trawling the archives…

Wow, its been a while, decided to dust this old WordPress thing off, lo and behold I open the vault to 2011’s Smithfield Nocturne, our buddy Torkel couldn’t race that day so took pics instead.

Spot the future star?

Tao Geoghegan Hart you numpties @taogeoghegan! Great to see how some young riders took this cycling thing by the horns and just never let go, Tao was still riding junior gears if I remember correctly?

Anyway, Nocturne has been bitter sweet the last two years, a team mate wins, another hits the deck badly enough to need serious shoulder surgery. Think I’ll be there again this year, if only to drink beer!

Skinny men concentrating on the start, courtesy @Torque

Dr Mike hammering through sweeping left, courtesy @Torque

Literally screaming into the turn Cam laying it on the line, courtesy @Torque

Jubilant Calland, knackered Dynamo's courtesy, @Torque